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Don't spin up an entire CMS just for a simple blog.

Sublime Blogs is the easier way to add a blog to your static site. No need to work with an old, clunky CMS like Wordpress. Use your frontend of choice and deploy to the Jamstack with ease.

The markdown editor for creating and editing posts.

Simplicity at the Core

Markdown Support

The editor fully supports markdown.

Fast to Setup

It only takes a few minutes to setup.

Drag-n-Drop Uploading

Drop an image in the editor to have it uploaded and added ask markdown automatically.


Trigger a build of you site every time you create a new post.

Access all your posts through the API

At build time, your static site generator can access all of your posts through the JSON API.

Json response of the posts api


Start for free and only pay when you need more storage.


Everything you need to get started.


What's included

  • Unlimited Sites

  • Unlimited posts

  • REST api

  • 1GB of storage


Increased storage for all your images.

$3 /month

What's included

  • Unlimited Sites

  • Unlimited posts

  • REST api

  • 25GB of storage